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Big fun in a small package. This vehicle is perfect for city driving. It is compact and quick, making it great for downtown driving and parking as well as getting you to your destination with zero emissions. On a budget? No problem. The Spark is extremely affordable and would be a great first car for your highschooler who just got their license, or a great daily driver for a college student’s commute.

Year first manufactured: 2013

Model years we recommend: Any of the model years are going to have similar range ability, so any of the years are a great starter option for going electric.

Price Range: $5,000-10,000; depending on model year and mileage.

Top speed: 89 mph

Acceleration: 7.3 s

Range: 81 mi

Charging time: 20 hours / 8 hours

Low Cost Options

Small cost, big fun!

Moderate Cost Options

Classic look, new feel!​

Luxury Class Options

Supreme style, perfect performance!

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When you switch to an EV your costs will go down considerably. You can save an average of $50/mo. in fuel cost and $400/yr. in maintenance.


The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration concluded that the likelihood of passenger injuries is lower in crashes involving electric vehicles.


EV’s produce less greenhouse gases than their conventional counterparts, even when the power comes from non-renewable energy sources.