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A classic look that we all recognize. A sleek, smooth ride that will have you asking the family, “Want to go on another drive?” This car is a hybrid, meaning that it will take you part of the way on pure electric before switching to a small gas tank for longer distance driving. Hybrid technology has allowed us to go so much farther on a much smaller tank. Even if your commute is long, you can cut your carbon emissions significantly and save money on gas every time you drive.

An amazing plug-in hybrid car with a fantastic range. Beautiful inside and out, this car provides a fantastic and fun driving experience, getting you where you need to go every time. The Volt will go the distance and hit all its marks: fast, comfortable, and moderately priced. You will never be disappointed by this beautiful technological masterpiece.


This car has got it all. Long range, amazingly comfortable ride, and enough seats to make it a great car for everyone in your life. With a classic look that we all know, the Outlander PHEV will leave you asking yourself why you hadn’t switched to a hybrid sooner. This SUV is a great choice for someone who doesn’t want to sacrifice size while switching to a more environmentally friendly model. Take a test drive in one of these and prepare to be amazed by its handling and 4X4 capabilities.

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When you switch to an EV your costs will go down considerably. You can save an average of $50/mo. in fuel cost and $400/yr. in maintenance.


The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration concluded that the likelihood of passenger injuries is lower in crashes involving electric vehicles.


EV’s produce less greenhouse gases than their conventional counterparts, even when the power comes from non-renewable energy sources.